When did the fairytales change

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When did the fairytales change

All childhood fairytales prepare us for adulthood. We grow up and find that fairytales disappear somewhere in the realms of the past, change, or find a completely different meaning. Is it possible to preserve in adult life that joyful feeling from a fairytale and its happy ending, or they became fiction, and reality is not at all so fabulous?

Painting and ceramic

Polina Botticelli

Instagram: @@​​botticelli_handicrafts

Tibetan masks

Polina Botticelli. Tibetan masks

The snow lion is a character of Buddhist mythology, a celestial being, a faithful servant of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Endowed with courage, determination, and cheerfulness. The tiger is also the protector of the Teachings of the Buddha and a symbol of strength and invincibility. Noble defenders of everything good and useful, such wall masks serve as amulets in temples.

Whale eye. Pot

Polina Botticelli. Whale eye

In this artwork, two semantic “layers” were combined. The first is the eye of a kind giant whale, looking into which you can get in touch with the mysterious depths of the mind of this creature. The second is the expression of self-awareness. The Buddha taught that the seen, the seer, and the act of seeing are parts of one whole, manifestations of the qualities of the mind. The mind is like the eye, it sees everything from the outside, but does not see itself. The self-awareness of the mind is misunderstood as “I”, and the spontaneous game of the mind is experienced as the outside world. If the eye sees itself, what will happen?

Price: 188 Euro

Inner child

Polina Botticelli. Inner child

It is especially important for every creator to be in contact with their inner child, because it is responsible for new ideas, inspiration, and play, without which creativity is impossible. This work is a symbolic way to place the inner child right in the heart, at the center of existence, from where its freshness and immediacy of perception will spread in all directions.

Price: 312 Euro

Teapot “Dream”

Polina Botticelli. Teapot “Dream”

A feeling from the past, once experienced in early childhood, can turn into an unattainable dream of the future. It cannot be achieved by external things, such as a house or moving to another country. An attempt to return to a long-experienced state of love, belonging, and serenity, combined with the anticipation of the amazing. But inner states do not come from a mere change in outer conditions, and happiness can only be found within, in one’s own mind, and nowhere else.

Price: 1110 Euro

Moon Princess

Polina Botticelli. Moon Princess

The embodiment of the creative feminine energy. The moon is a very feminine symbol because the lunar cycles are associated with menstruation, and night and darkness are mysterious magical times of transformation. The princess holds a white shell as another symbol of the feminine, and on her belly she has a huge pearl, representing a gradually growing fetus. The crown on her head is a connection with the cosmos, her golden horns pick up information from space.

Price: 580 Euro

Linda Marwan

Instagram: @lindamarwan

Orcinus orca contemplating what to do about humanity

Linda Marwan. Orcinus orca contemplating what to do about humanity

The painting depicts gothic architecture, manga-like faces, and orca whales. It is concerned with the spiritual connection between lifeforms. While it reminds us of medieval fairytale fantasies it asks the question of how we can continue to dream about fantastic worlds while living on a dying planet.

Price: 2375 Euro

Ilona Za

Instagram: @ilona_za

Grown-up Princess

Ilona Za. Grown-up Princess

During childhood, Ilona often heard “My little princess” from her parents. And she dreamed of being one. She was imagining that she live in a big castle wearing the exquisite gown of royalty. Beautiful gardens surround her walk paths, magical birds sing sweet songs for her, and a unicorn takes her to the edge of the rainbow. Those images have been staying with me ever since. She still loves dainty dresses and never gets tired of beautiful nature. But she has to work hard to pay for her outfits, as well as for many other things in grown-up life, and nature is constantly shrinking in front of her eyes because of neglect and pollution. However, the idea of considering herself a princess keeps affecting her life, shaping her consciousness. Though I have never actually perused whether I want it at all. Maybe deep inside this little girl longs to be not a princess, but something else. Ilona has always had a vivid imagination and was enchanted by the bright colors of nature and their combinations. So should she be an artist, maybe? She created her own fairytale and brought it to life. But how many girls continue to live in imposed dreams and strive to get to wonderland? Not trying to discover who they truly are. The dreams turn out to be a golden cage that separates them from something bigger and meaningful. But in the modern world, any woman can create her world, achieve incredible career heights, and break any stereotypes.

Price: 1150 Euro

Sergei Karev

Instagram: @sergei_karev

The Kudos-Demon

Sergei Karev. The Kudos-Demon

Devils and demons from fairy tales, if they are dipped into modern adult everyday life, can be reborn. In front of you is a demon of social approval, a product of social networks’ likes and the attention economy. Like a fabulous devil, it demands work, otherwise, it threatens to smash everything and take away what it has given. Its gifts are illusory but meet human aspirations. It works for us, we work for it.

Price: 500 Euro

Kseniia Antipina

Instagram: @germenevtika


Kseniia Antipina. Imposter

An evil king may threathen the whole world with his cruelty and tyranny. But look at him, he is ridiculous, his crown is made of the toilet paper rolls, the palace is just a shabby toilet and the whole kingdom is an illusion.

Price: can be purchased in the printed form from A5 to A0 and sent to you by post. Please talk to us for the details.

Digital exhibition

Katerina Klio

Instagram: @photographer_katerinaklio

Katerina Klio

Every girl in her childhood dreams about a giant doll. Sometimes miracles can happen! Dreams come true and extraordinary things happen! But we are not happy for long — very soon we need another toy, more expensive, and more inaccessible. But maybe we already have everything that we need for happiness? And maybe to be happy, we just need to keep treasures that we already have?

Deborah Root

Instagram: @deborahrootpec

Deborah Root. 1 Deborah Root. 2 Deborah Root. 3

Each tondo is 92 cm in diameter, and completed in oil on panel. The Wheel of Fortune (2021) is a triptych consisting of three images, “The Bluebird of Happiness,” “The Mirror of Enlightenment,” and “Truth of Consequences.” The North American version of the fairytales she grew up on tended to have happy endings, assuming one kept a pure heart and did not deviate from the task at hand. Despite the many instances in the real world of life not working out, these stories promised great things. The first image, “The Bluebird of Happiness,” depicts this sense of possibility as the character emerges from an egg, ready to face the world with hope and courage. In the second image, “The Mirror of Enlightenment,” reality has begun to set in. Here, the character is shown her reflection in a fleshy mirror, and she is no longer certain of the happy outcome promised in the first image. An unnoticed comet presages disaster. Finally, in “Truth or Consequences,” the character sits, wearily reflecting on her past naïveté as the bluebird of happiness flies away.

María Sánchez

Instagram: @mariasanchez.art


María Sánchez. Degradation

Digital painting (acrylics and ink) on fine art paper. 30x40 inches Over the years the artist has seen the concept of fairytales as an exploration of the unconscious. In them, people can find perfect analogies that give the opportunity to get to know ourselves and the environment in which people are connected. Degradation is a reflection of it. In this artwork, the artist has been inspired by several books and authors to show concepts as complex as death, rebirth, and life itself.

Christopher Fluder

Instagram: @silva_vocat

Christopher Fluder. 1 Christopher Fluder. 2 Christopher Fluder. 3

  • Inherent Hero, 1
  • The Chemistry of Memory
  • Which End is the End


Peter Tommila & Laura Konti researtch.com & laura-konti.com

Daydream desktop

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Material Desktop drawings, Audio recordings